Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why the anti-Bush t-shirts?

so my beef with Bush
is the standard
1-2 punch

first, I think his war was unnecessary,
was sold to the public dishonestly,
and seems to be counter-productive
in the broader effort to observe
that one commandment about killing

second, his tax cuts and his Social Security plan
both seem to put the short-term interests
of people at the highest end of the wealth spectrum
before the long-term interests
of the entire nation

overall, I do not think Bush is a dumb-dumb
I suspect that much of his image
including the simpleton aspect of it
is carefully designed
to appeal to key audiences

but I would guess that he isn't too interested
in most of the day-to-day stuff
and that he defers most of that stuff
to his advisers

and I don't think it's controversial to say
that we deserve more from a president

note that all of these criticisms
are focused on Bush's policy
and not on judgments regarding his character

so what am I doing with the shirts?
many are on the level
of schoolyard name-calling
not substantive ideological critique
but hey, neither those types of objections
nor the plastic wrapper that encloses Twinkies
ever stopped Karl Rove

by putting the shirts out on the street
I hope to get discussions like this one flowing.
you can either accept Bush-type bullshit without fighting
or you can roll up your sleeves

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W said...

We've got saying in Texas: you suck!